Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 32 - Paradeis to Attenschwiller

We made it to Basel in time for an afternoon drink and had the pleasure to discover hundreds of people floating down the river with little single-serving buoys. This hardly seemed like the boring pharmaceuticals town that I'd always heard about. In fact, it was really cute. It was a shame that we weren't ready to stop for the day.

We carried on in a general westward direction and were surprised to cross the french border just minutes after leaving Basel. Entering France was a milestone that I thought it would bring me great satisfaction and excitement. In fact, made me sad.

It was an unmistakable sign that the adventure is almost over - and just when we are having so much fun. I just want to turn back and pretend that we can go forever.

We ended up in a very small village with just one restaurant that was almost impossible to find but worth the effort. It was a good reminder that just about everything is harder in France, but everything tastes better in France. Suddenly, I had a reason to be happy to be back 'home'.

As this village has no hotel or campground to speak of, we figured that we would just bush camp. But! Just as we were leaving the restaurant, a stranger approached us to ask about our bikes and our trip. He kindly offered us his backyard as a campground for the evening in exchange for some stories. We gladly obliged. I think that Pierre was particularly happy just to speak french again.


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