Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 24 - Kranyska Gora to Oberdrauburg (106km)

We crossed the border into Austria just before breakfast, along with a hoard of motorcycle tourists who roared past regularly with little regard for the level of their noise pollution and the time of day.

Fortunately, we soon found ourselves on a seemingly wonderful bike path system. It was great to be off the highway...but the combination of 3 different path networks - uncoordinated with each other - meant that we sometimes found ourselves turning around in circles.

There wasn't much to stop for today and the road was relatively flat as we roughly followed a river down the valley toward Oberdrauburg. For the amount of time we spent on the bike, we really should have made it much farther - but the constant dead ends and detours we faced on account of the uncoordinated bike paths created a serious obstacle to progress.

We called it quits in a small town called Oberdrauberg and took a spot with a few families and number of biker dudes at the local campground. I guess that we won't need to set an alarm tonight, as our neighbours will likely wake us up tomorrow with their engines.


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