Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 19 - Pag Island Camp to Krk Island (90km)

The club music, which carried on for hours into the early morning, was followed by brief silence, and then the sound of clubbers returning to the community in which we were trying to sleep. Some were celebrating and singing and laughing as they walked home. Others were not. One couple seemed to be having a really, really, really bad night (which made for a really, really, really amusing night for me as I listened to the moronic logic of two completely wasted brits as they attempted to convince each other why the other was the bigger asshole). I finally fell asleep sometime shortly before sunrise.


We continued island hopping today, though our little adventure was almost brought to an abrupt end as we unexpectedly found ourselves stranded and out of money, with no ATM in sight. I guess that nobody plans to find themselves in this situation, but the combination of expensive ferries, overpriced food, and limited banking access had left us stranded and hungry in a rather inconvenient spot; a ferry terminal 50km from anywhere of significance.

A sympathetic ferry toll cashier took pity on us, accepting a few coins and some pocket lint in lieu of the proper fare, enabling us to cross to Krk island, where we found some nice side roads for cycling and some great seafood for refueling.


The farther north that we move, the more common it is to see tourists with wallets overflowing with euros; and large bills, too! I have to wonder what do these people do for a living. Euros aren't even the national currency here.


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