Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 27/28/29/30 - Kitzbuhel to Friedrichshafen

What's most striking about this section of road (or, I should say, almost entirely well-marked bike path) is the number of cyclists. They are not just any cyclists either, this is a particularly noticeable demographic of 50-plus riders. From dawn until dusk, the path is packed with them. I don't know where the rest of the population is, but it doesn't matter - its just really cool to see so many people who realize that age doesn't need to slow them down!

We've had enough days in Austria now to develop a bit of a habit - I'm up to about a litre of beer for lunch, and another for dinner. And its hard to let a day go by without some Kasespatzle; a greasy, cheesy, doughy, delicious mess that is my new favourite cycling food.


Riding north along the river put us in a confusing situation of going back and forth between Austria and Switzerland. I'm certain that I hit my record for number of border crossings in one day during our ride into Friedrichshafen.

It is strange to be out of Austria already because it really didn't feel like we did much climbing. In fact, the most climbing that we've done so far was in Croatia.

Friedrichshafen was the destination for our rest day because there is a tradeshow here that I wanted to attend. But it's turned out to actually be a perfect spot for a rest. We are staying in a sort of dormitory just across the street from the lake. Our roommates are a hippie german named Kale and some kids who are in town for internships. They took us out for beers tonight and showed us that even conditioning with 2 litres of beer per day can't prepare you to hang out with germans or college students.


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