Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 17 - Trogir to Novigrad (125km)

Not many people can pick up a bike out of the blue, throw some gear on it, ride 125km over rolling terrain, and finish with a smile on their face (and enthusiasm to ride again tomorrow!). But, that's what Pierre just did.

Sure, I know a few people who could start this bike trip from a standing start - but they are all serial cyclists. Pierre has ridden four days in the last 12 months. FOUR. And this was the 3rd longest ride he's ever done. EVER. It's like it never occurs to him that he is doing is something that most people consider hard or something that would be necessary to train for.

Basically, he doesn't know the word "can't". This is the perfect attitude for adventure and achievement (and trouble...but sometimes that is fun, too).

We stopped for the day in a really, really cool little hamlet with a beachside campsite and a couple of pretty restaurants along the water. Oooh, and it looks like there is a live band about to play outside, just down the street. There is some sort of old fortress on the hill just beside the shore front; something that it looks to be accessible by climbing a bunch of stairs. I think that I will leave that to be enjoyed by people who did not spend the whole day pedaling a bike...and go check out the band.


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