Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 23 - Ljubljana to Kranjska Gora (90km)

I'm now convinced that Slovenia is one of the nicest cycling destinations on earth. We were able to stay most of the day on bike paths connecting one city to the next, enjoying beautiful views of the valley and no cars, as we made our way to the Austrian border.

We managed to escape two bouts of rain, the first which came during our lunch stop, and the second which came during our beer stop (which then became our final destination for the day).

We are staying at an eco campground just outside of a little ski town. The campground has an out-of-place reindeer and some fireflies and just few enough guests to make the perfect balance between feeling the freedom of nature and feeling the convenience of civilization (ie. Showers and flush toilets).

I would say that the highlights of the surroundings on this trip have really moved from being culture and food to being unspoiled nature. Though I have very much enjoyed the food and culture along the way, this is a welcome transition. These mountains are incredible.


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