Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 21/22 - Markovec to Ljubljana (80 km)

We started the day only 50km or so from Ljubljana, but took the long route after being persuaded by the owner of the guest house, Miha, that it would be worth the effort. He even prepared some detailed maps for us that showed the scenic, off road routes worth taking. And it was a day of cycling paradise. My bike and I could spend a lot of time in this part of the world.

Ljubljana is a beautiful european capital, rich with history and life and void of tourists. It is spectacular. There is a river cutting through the city, along the banks of which everyone congregates to socialize, eat and drink.

We met up with my (INSEAD) friends Adam and Ani, who are living in Bermuda these days, but just happened to be here visiting family at precisely the right moment to catch me passing through.

We will stay here for a rest day, my first in two weeks, and then continue north to Austria. I hope that out legs are ready for the mountains!


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