Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 36/37/38 - Epoisses to Paris

We finished a big lunch in Epoisses and set out for a 'short' afternoon ride to Tonerre. Google maps has been very helpful in certain places along the way, but today was an exception. With storm clouds threatening in the distance, it led us down a path that vaporized into wheat fields, requiring a dreaded back track at a time when nature was not our friend. We put the hammer down and made it to a grocery store at the edge of Tonerre just in time to dodge a downpour. Then camped 10 feet from the river on a night that has a severe thunder and rain warning. We got lucky though.

From Tonerre, we spent a day meandering along then canals (easy, fun, navigation free cycling) and then cut over to Barbizon, where we enjoyed dinner at my favourite restaurant and pirate camping in the beautiful forest of Fontainebleau for our last night on the trip.

Getting into the city today was not so easy - busy roads and limited batteries to navigate alternative routes turned a half day of riding into a full one. It felt strange to reach Paris without Carrie, but by the time we reached bastille, I had forgotten that and it felt really good to be home.

When Pierre joined the trip in Croatia, I would have never imagined that he would stay for the entire journey home. But it has been a wonderful three weeks and I am excited to have a cycling partner with whom I can share more amazing adventures in the future.

When I last heard from Carrie, she was somewhere in italy and making good time on the way to Paris. She should be here within days. I'm hoping that I may be able to join her from here to the northern coast of France if things work out.


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