Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 14 Budva Camp - to Dubrovnik (90km)

After just one night in Montenegro, we are already crossing in to Croatia. This is such a different experience in space than my upbringing in Canada. How can there be so many distinct countries in such a small area?


Rolling into Dubrovnik was strange; it is, by far, the wealthiest city that we have been through on this trip. It's on an entirely different level of affluence; fancy cars everywhere - flashy houses and hotels - fancy boats. It was clear that it was not going to be cheap to stay here for the night, but we decided to anyway on account of the city's notoriety.

As we were planning our approach to find a place to sleep for the night (without blowing the budget), we met another cycle tourist; Axel from Germany. His bike was packed heavy, with only one gear and a third wheel on the back to carry extra weight. He had some strange looking plastic plumbing pipes strapped to the back (which we learned were actually a homemade Didjereedoo).

Axel is getting by using as little (of his own) money as possible, relying on proceeds from busking and donations of food and other needed items. To supplement his food supply, he's been dumpster diving and gathering plants. He argues that this is part of his effort to boycott capitalism, a claim that I find rather hard to swallow, given that he is sporting fancy earphones, an expensive looking video apparatus and an iphone. I can't help but observe that all of this fancy technology is enabling him to pursue this journey, which makes him a bit hypocritical to be anti-capitalist. But maybe he has a different definition for the term "capitalism", kind of like when America talks about "freedom".


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