Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 9. People and Places Revisited.

Revisiting passes, towns and roads brings back memories and emotions from my trip last year. Elkford, shattered. Eureka, shattered. Columbia Falls, disappointed and tired. Holland Lake, after dark and on my last legs. Lincoln, after dark and shattered.

Most of my memories from the first part of the trip last year are dark, and most of these places I never thought that I would see again. It is therapeutic to come back and see these places from a different perspective. It is empowering to feel some control now as I pass through or choose to stay, rather than desperately search for food/water/shade/company, unable to think past whatever was urgent.

And, it isn't just places that I revisit; there have been some familiar faces. In fact, I had an unexpected and wonderful blast from the past this morning. On our way up the first climb, one of the guys (John) who I had the pleasure to ride with a bit last year came to pay us a visit. He lives in Helena and has been watching our progress on trackleaders. It was so cool to have a chance to see him again. So many memories. I thought back to our conversation going up the pass after Del Norte and our thoughts of dropping out. I wish that he could feel the enjoyment of the divide as I am doing now.

It is nice to reach each summit and have some energy left to have some fun. I wonder how much energy Leon will have when he gets here. Some of these trails are going to be tough with that big bob trailer of his.
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