Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 6. Losing it.

We took a rest day today, starting with a fancy breakfast at Holland Lake. Our goal for the day was Seeley lake, which is less than 60km away, over Richmond Pass. Riding through the same trails and roads as last year, sometimes I can remember certain details so precisely. A rock. A bush. Then, sometimes, its like I'm going down the road for the first time.

It is nice going through some parts a second time and seeing it in a different way. What I remember from going up Richmond Peak last year is the clouds and singletrack. This year, I will remember the spectacular view and furious descent.

Through the singletrack, I kept thinking of Leon (the guy that we met two days ago, between Eureka and Whitefish who was carrying a tank on his bike). I'm not sure that he will have as much fun going through this section.

We crossed paths with a couple from Vancouver island who were heading southbound. It is nice to see so many people out on the trail. I wonder if there were just as many last year and I just didn't take the time to notice or to stop and talk to them.

In other news, Kim seems to be losing it. When you are packing as light as we are, it is kind of a big deal to break something or lose something. Frustrating for Kim, amusing for me and Anders. Here is a list of things that Kim has lost or broken so far.
- bib shorts (lost)
- camera (broken)
- headlamp (lost, then found)
- gps (broken)
- pocket knife (lost, then found)
- one leg warmer (lost)
- water bottle (broken)
- rain jacket (lost, then found)
- front fork (now fixed)
- one compression sock (lost, then found)

At least he still has his bear spray.
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Blogger BikingBakke said...

How does one "break" a water bottle? I haven't pulled that off in all my cycling years.

July 6, 2012 at 10:28:00 PM MDT  

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