Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 12. John, not Dave.

At breakfast in Lima, we ran into another divider, Southbound-Dave. We first met Southbound-Dave in Eureka (and then on Whitefish Divide and then again in Seeley Lake). We call him Southbound-Dave to differentiate him from Northbound-Dave, the dude on the fixie that we met near Holland Lake. Southbound-Dave looks a bit more cheery, but I think that he's had an easier go so far. We discovered that his name is, in fact, John not Dave.

It is funny how some details get completely lost on a trip like this. Or maybe it is just that you only remember the important details; I remember that he was riding a Karate Monkey.

The road from Lima was much nicer this year, with the rain holding off until we were past the Idaho border. Kim and Anders seemed excited to get out of Montana. It's a beautiful state, but this is progress.

My 'fly' bite seems to be healing, replaced now by some mosquito bites. After that fly bite, mosquito bites don't seem like a big deal anymore.

Rain and lightning started shortly after we entered Idaho. This may be the only time that I say this about a lightning storm during a ride, but it was a nice way to finish the day.
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