Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 13. So many lessons.

Long distance riding offers so many lessons. Patience and persistence are two of the most valuable for me.

But, there are other lessons to be learned. A few that I've had so far on this trip include:
- Blackberries are not waterproof
- blueberries don't travel well by bike, especially offroad
- neither do raspberries
- cameras should not be stored next to yogurt
- especially yogurt that only has a foil top

The ride south of Island Park was as pretty as I remember from last year, with a nice descent down to a river. People complain about the surface of the track on this section because it is hard to ride in some spots...but I think it is worth the effort. Leon might struggle with it though.

We eventually crossed into Wyoming this afternoon. So long, Idaho. The official state border sign was slightly less impressive than the last; however, we weren't bothered, as the momentum that arises from a one-day state crossing is enough to lift spirits high. Also, the magnificent Tetons at sunset were like an enormous welcome sign to Wyoming.

I'm excited for this next section. We missed out on these next passes last year duue to weather detours. It will be nice to experience some new terrain in such a great area.
Sent using a Blackberry that I'd better not lose.


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