Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 3. It's that Kind of Party

It was a late start to the day (by comparison to my dawn departures last time around and considering our pre-tour motto of 'we ride at dawn'). Aside from our coffee dependency, there was a good reason for the decision; bike repair. Kim's fork and my brakes required the attention of someone more skilled than ourselves. I have rim brakes on my bike. They are about the most simple-to-fix choice one can have on a bike. Unfortunately, I'm even more simple than these brakes. Despite some tinkering on my part to fix them, I have managed to rub through most of my front brakes in only two days of riding because my efforts to find the precise problem have failed. Enough resistance training; it was time to get them fixed.

The morning ride was fantastic. Beautiful weather and a stop for milkshakes and humming birds at the 3&93 Dairy Bar as we head south to the border. One of the best things about riding off road is that there are so few cars that you can go two or three abreast and talk up quite a storm.

Sometimes, though, it is difficult to chat on the road. The wind creates gaps in speech and active listening is a total necessity. Rather than taking it as a source of irritation, we have made it in to a game. It goes a little something like this;

Anders: Kim, do you want some cream for your knees?
Tori: Did you just ask him if he wants sun cream for his niece?
Kim: No, he asked if he should say something when I sneeze.

Ok, maybe you need to be there to enjoy the game.

As we rolled in to Eureka, I had flashbacks of how shattered I was last year on that road. It was much better this time around. Clear skies and smiles. I hope the whole trip will be like this.

We took a small cabin for the night, off course in Grave Creek. Kim and Anders celebrated their arrival in America with a dessert of twinkies while watching a workout infomercial (soft porn). .

My final moment of laughter for the night came when Kim and I were applying sudocreme. Anders walked in just as we each had our hands down our pants and said...

"Oh, we are having a party?".

Yes. Yes, we are.
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