Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 7. People make the difference.

This stretch through Montana was arguably the toughest part of my ride last year. I was lonely and cold and full of negative thoughts. As I roll through it this time, more slowly and with friends by my side, I am thinking of all of the ways in which the experience is better because my friends are here.

The most compelling benefits of riding companions include:

1. There no space for bad thoughts. When the heat or the cold, or the grade or surface of the road begin to get to you, there is someone there to fill the space in my head and prevent the bad thoughts from getting in. Sometimes, it is Anders tapping his hand over his mouth like an indian. Sometimes it is Kim blowing his whistle in the style of DJ Babba's Blow My Whistle.

2. The joy of a different perspective and something new. It turns out that gophers, squirrels and deer are not so common in Denmark. Even the products available at gas stations are different than in other countries. While I appreciate these things, I am past the point of getting excited about them when I am on my own. Having someone around to point out the extraordinary things that you take for granted makes everything more exciting.

3. Things that are uneventful, or even scary, when you are by yourself become funny when you are with people. Losing your bib shorts. Applying chamois cream. Breaking a chain. Farts. Getting chased by a dog. The list continues to grow.

4. Funny things are even funnier when you can share them with people. For example, when we stopped in Ovando today and there was a dog barking at his own echo. RUF. ruf. RUF. ruf. RUF. ruf. RUF. ruf. RUF. ruf. RUF. ruf. RUF. ruf. RUF. ruf. This lasted for several minutes. My stomach still hurts from laughing.

If the beginning is any indication, this is going to be a great ride.
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Blogger Bow Cycle said...

Even if it doesn't sound like you need any cheering on! Continue having a great trip!
From your friends at Bow Cycle

July 3, 2012 at 11:57:00 AM MDT  

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