Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 14. Beauty, bunk beds and beers.



I love Wyoming; I'm so glad that I'm riding the divide again.

The detours last year took us on the other side of the Tetons (I think...actually, I don't really remember, as I was too busy feeling sorry for myself last time). This stretch from Flagg Ranch to Union Pass is ridiculously nice. It is the kind of place that Jehovahs Witnesses put on their marketing materials as proof that God exists. It is so nice to see it now.

The Tetons. Togwotee Pass. Union Pass. The day was one beautiful sight after another. I snapped a few shots with my yogurt-camera. Hopefully some of them turn out.

We stopped for dinner at a place half way up Union Pass. Crooked Creek. I was worried that it would be closed down because it is essentially in the middle of nowhere, but it turned out to be crazy busy and full of stuffed animals. Not the kind that kids play with. The kind that you shoot with a gun and then hang on the wall.

After a steak and a liter of coke, we decided to stay for the night. It means that we can ride fresher tomorrow and enjoy the day. John-not-Dave was there, too. We shared some beers and bunk beds with him.

Another lesson for the list: beers and bunk beds don't mix.
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