Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TdA Stage 75. Breaking Away.

136km. Dirt Road Camp to Maun.

Another day of flat, paved road, surrounded by vegetation. Variety is great, but I'm enjoying this stretch for sure.

Each day, the groups have grown larger and today we reached close to 25 in the group leaving camp. I do love the social part of a group ride and the physical benefit of the draft; however, at some point it becomes a bit scary to be bunched together with so many people.

I broke away at the 15km mark with Kevin and Shan, two cyclists who I haven't ridden with much before. My legs were screaming from the first 100m and I thought for sure I would have to drop, but we held it together for the rest of the day and I eventually dropped them both. I feel like my top-end power has not moved much over the past three months, but most certainly I demonstrated that my endurance is there. I don't know where. Ended up on the rankings, but today was one of my best performances in a while. I'm pooped!


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