Wednesday, April 13, 2011

TdA Rest Days. Livingstone.

A 645am game drive the next morning kept me from staying out too late on our arrival night(thankfully!). To our delight, the park was less than five minutes from our campsite. Giraffes, zebras, hippos, antelopes, wildabeast, buffalo, and a whole schwack of cool birds.
By afternoon, we were on to the next activities. A Zipline across the Zambia-Zimbabwe border, a Bungee jump and a swing across the gorge. The first was fun (and a very cool way to cross a border), but it was really the latter two that will stand out in my memory as activities to enjoy the beauty of Victoria Falls. I'd never had an interest in bungee jumping or swinging before coming here, but this setting just seemed perfect for such an activity. I can see now why people get addicted to this stuff.
Not fully satisfied that I had soaked in all of the beauty of the water fall and the gorge that it has carved, I signed up for a microflight (motorized hang glider) for my second day in Livingstone. If you haven't seen the falls and the gorge from the air, then you really haven't seen the falls.
We followed that with a breakfast at the Royal Livingstone, a high-end hotel within walking distance of the falls. If you can tell how fancy a hotel is by how ridiculously the bell staff are dressed, then this would rank as one of the fanciest hotels that I have visited (think colonial slave attire). I couldn't justify spending the money that it would require to stay at a place like this, but it was worth a visit for the buffet breakfast. Trading in my routine of porridge for breakfast in favour of fine cheeses, eggs benedict and cappucino was only part of the appeal of the breakfast. On the grounds of the hotel, zebras, giraffes, baboons and antelope range freely. I didn't know that places like this existed anymore.
My two days here have breathed life into my enthusiasm toward this trip. Although I have never second guessed my decision to do this trip, the last month has been particularly difficult for me. Persistent illness, combined with an overall feeling of fatigue had really worn on my spirits. After these two recovery days, I feel that I am really looking forward to the next month and the excitement and surprises that will come with it.


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