Saturday, April 9, 2011

TdA Rest Day. Lusaka.

I'm not going to lie, I'd never heard of Lusaka until about one week ago. Beyond being an excuse to cycle every day, this trip is a lesson in african geography and regional development. In some respects, Lusaka is more western than Nairobi. The service and availability of goods seems more developed. The variety of vehicles is more broad than I recall seeing in any of the major cities on this trip; even newer german vehicles are not uncommon. The disparity between rich and poor in this area is far less visible.

Ignoring skin colour, which, by now, is normal to me, this could almost pass for a North American city. Theoretically, that means there should be more to see and do here on a rest day. Instead, I find myself disinterested in going out to deal with crowds and the same crap that goes along with every other developed city. Sure, it is still Africa. But it feels like an assimilated Africa. And I'm not ready to assimilate.


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