Friday, April 8, 2011

TdA Stage 67. I Saw the Sign.

104km. Jehovah Witness Camp to Lusaka.

Eggs for breakfast! A rare, but quite welcome treat at bush camp. The catch? Only some of them were boiled. I was one of the first through the line and one of the lucky who picked a cooked egg. So, I watched in amusement as each of the next person

One of the more entertaining aspects of riding through the small towns along the road are the funny business names painted on the side of the shops. Today we passed Moze and Sons Niggaz Nest, which was just a few doors down from A Place of Comfort in Desolation. Some gems from days passed include Try Again Enterprises, Highway View Restaurant and, my personal favourite, One for the Road Pub.

Since the ride was short, we had almost the entire day to enjoy the city. And what did we choose to do? Hang out at the mall. It started as a lunch stop, but turned into an eight hour grazing festival, moving from one place to another for various treats. Steak. Cocktails. Candy. Ice Cream.

Mike-without-a-bike ordered a waffle and ice cream dessert with a nut sundae on top. The waitress laughed so hard that it shamed him into ordering something more modest. It rivalled the reaction that Canadian-Dan got a few days ago when he ordered eggs and toast, with a side of seven eggs. I think that's a sign that our eating habits have stretched beyond the realm of 'normal'.


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