Sunday, April 17, 2011

TdA Stage 73. Holy Wars.

146km. Road Work Camp to Nata.

To have a little fun with these last weeks, the support crew organized a bo-bo-bo-bonanza to get us through Botswana. We formed teams and each day we've had tasks for points. Carrie and I teamed up with Dennis to form the Holy Rollers.

Today's task was a water balloon fight. Partly as a defensive move and partly just for fun, we formed an unholy alliance with the Mo-town boys (Adam, Scott and Steve; each of whom have grown respectable moustaches over the last three months).

We stocked our arsenal in a secret location (the bathtub in the room that I'd rented) and then launched an all out assault on our mutual enemies. No mercy. Oh, so many times on this trip I have felt the freedom and joy that I associate with childhood. This was definitely one of those moments.

Notwithstanding the fact that I was launched (fully clothed) in the pool (we will call that taking one for the team), our alliance dominated this war.

Quite a way to enjoy a hot afternoon after a nice days ride.


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