Saturday, April 16, 2011

TdA Stage 72. Welcome to the Elephant Highway.

171km. Kasane to Bush Camp.

If there were a country on this trip where a single speed would be perfect, it is Botswana. This place is FLAT. I'm looking forward to the next chunk of riding; we have a lot of big days coming up, but we will have a chance to regularly ride in groups again, which is something that I have missed since we left Khartoum.

The place where we were scheduled to camp had a lot of lion tracks and a large python hanging out, so we carried on about 12km farther down the road and camped next to a work camp for a road construction crew. I chatted with a few of the workers during their lunch break. The menu? Elephant stew.

They call this the Elephant Highway. I guess that Elephants are to Botswana as deer are to the Rockies. Of course, I've never heard of a deer charging a cyclist, so perhaps that is a bad comparison. Nevertheless, it is novel to be in a place where they are so common. I hope that I get to see some (from a reasonable distance) over the coming days.


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