Tuesday, April 26, 2011

TdA Rest Day. Windhoek.

Most of us met up for dinner at Joe's Pub. I'm a bit of a sucker for these touristy spots that serve game meats, but this was such a good choice for a night out. It was an opportunity to eat zebra, ostrich, crocodile and springbok and, of course, get geared up to check out the Windhoek night life.

17 of us jammed into a mini-bus and headed out for a club. People piled on top of people and squished together across the seats. It was a cozy ride, but we've basically been living on top of each other for the past 100 days, so this sort of intimacy is normal by now.

The driver went around and around and then stopped in the middle of nowhere and demanded some money for gas. He obviously didn't realize that we have been in Africa for three months now and have already experienced our share of taxi run around tricks. But, hey, we were having fun, so we just laughed at him and told him to keep going.

Almost immediately after this, one of the rear tires went flat. With the van loaded up over capacity, that meant for a bumpy and comical ride. Tu-tung. Tu-tung. Tu-tung. Tu-tung. Tu-tung. Tu-tung.

We eventually made it to a club. It had, perhaps, the worst dj that I've heard, but that didn't matter. Being out with friends like this, we can make our own party.

Boy, these rest days have changed as we have moved south!


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