Wednesday, April 20, 2011

TdA Rest Day. Maun.

Another city that I'd never heard of before coming to Africa, Maun is the most developed metropolis that we've rolled through since Livingstone. That doesn't mean that one can easily find an operational ATM machine in this place, but it does mean that we again have access to the full range of family-sized cadbury chocolate bars and pringles required to satisfy an over-active cyclist.

There are street lights being installed through the city. By the looks of it, this place is going to be visible from outer space when they are finished with the installation. I have never seen street lights spaced so closely together (no more than 50 feet between), or so close to the road (no more than one foot from the pavement). This is what happens when builders get paid a percentage of total expenditure and also get the maintenance contract. Botswana may boast one of the lowest corruption levels among African countries, but that doesn't mean things are working particularly well here.

Maun is the jumping off point for people wanting to see the Okavanga Delta. While others were busy paddling their way through the various channels of the delta, Awesome-Kim, Edmonton-Steve, Aanders, Kevin and I hired a 5-seater plane to take us over it. Elephants, zebras, giraffes, buffalos, hippos. I've seen these things already a handful of times along this journey, and it is still exciting to see them now. Nature is a wonderful thing.


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