Monday, April 25, 2011

TdA Stage 80. Second Breakfast.

159km. Witvlei to Windhoek.

The race lasted for only half of the day, so a group of us took it easy after that. Chatting. Taking in the scenery more than usual. There wasn't much by way of towns or people, but there were some great opportunities to spot wildlife.

We stopped for coffee at the Windhoek airport, which is about 50km from the city. Not every airport welcomes cyclists in with their bicycles; however, this one even had a security guard who was willing to keep an eye on our bikes while we relaxed.

Sure, it was only 10:30am, but there was near unanimous agreement that a beer was in order. We also ordered the half of an entire cake that was sitting in the display case by the cash register. I've tried a lot of things for what I have come to call 'second breakfast' - coke and chocolate bars, white toast and instant coffee, potato chips and fanta. I could really get used to cake and beer for second breakfast.

Getting back out on the road was a real shock, and I don't think that it was just because of our breakfast beers. There's a reason they call this town Windhoek, which means windy corner. It was a LONG 50km into town, with my favourite meat shield Scott pulling us in to the ferocious headwind the entire way.

Other than the headwind getting in, Windhoek is quite nice so far. It is the most european city that we have visited on this journey. Clean. Modern. A bit of flare. It seems a good stop for a rest day that we are all looking forward to.


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