Friday, February 25, 2011

TdA Stage 33. Flying babies?

119km. Quarry Camp to Bush Camp.

Long climb to start, followed by a looooong and super fun descent. I was by myself again for most of the morning because of the hill but managed to catch some friends for the afternoon. We have become more comfortable with riding past kids throwing things; you can usually spot it in your peripheral vision...the swinging motion one makes as they wind up to launch something at you. Realistically, most of the time they don't get you, so it's better not to react much and just carry on pedalling. But, we all flinched when we caught a glimpse of a lady swinging a baby out of the corner of our eyes. Michael Jackson style! As far as I can tell, the baby did not actually leave her hands.

Our campsite was at the bottom of a 25km hill (super fun way to end the day). It seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, but there was sure a lot of action. Even into the night. I hung out with James on the side of the road after the sun went down, and it was shocking to see how many people walk around in the dark at night with no lights or anything. I have no idea where these guys are going...but then, they probably wonder the same about us.


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