Wednesday, February 16, 2011

TdA Rest Day 8. Buhir Dar.

If I told you that I disinfect my hands no less than three times an hour, would you think that i was obsessive compulsive?

By now, the vast majority of us have been taken out for at least a day or two (or ten) by a severe, gut wrenching, bowel shaking illness. It has changed the way that we take care of ourselves and the way that we interact with people. There is no 'five second rule'. No touching if you've got the plague. Obsessive, meticulous hand washing and disinfection. It all sounds very obvious, but you realize how sloppy people normally are about this...once they become obsessive about it.

Buhir Dar was a great spot for hanging out with friends and getting a feel for ethiopian life. We saw a few sights, but opted out of some others in favour of exploring the town on foot and enjoying the abundance of fresh fruit juices and outstanding coffee. I feel that I'm getting lazy on my days off!


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