Friday, February 18, 2011

TdA Stage 27. Why You Black?

117km. Bush Camp to Forest Camp.

Best story of the day goes to Sarge, a Trinidadian rider in our group. While most of us were dealing with the 'you money' calls from children, Sarge was facing inquisitive children asking 'why you black?'. Odd, seems like they would understand blacks more than whites. But perhaps that's just me.

Holy Jesus, we are at the best camp so far. In a beautiful forest. Surrounded by vegetation. By life. The shade is, of course, also very nice. I took a three hour lay down in my tent, watching the trees above. If there is a way to get high without taking something, this is it.

Everyone seems to find their own way to make a great day. For some, it is riding in the truck for half of the day. For others, it is pedalling easy and stopping for a coke in every town. For me, it is pedaling my brains out and then laying in the shade and doing nothing. It is absolutely blissful.

We watched the full moon rise through a clearing in the trees while sitting on the bench that Bastiaan carried up a hill to camp on his back while cycling. Loving this trip.


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