Saturday, February 19, 2011

TdA Stage Stage 28. Gorge-ous

89km. Forest Camp to Medical Camp.

We are passing into agriculturally successful territory. It is nice to see people busy at work in the field. Walking up and down the roads with gigantic bails of harvest over head. It seems more prosperous as well and people are becoming more friendly as we move toward Addis. In between the 'you money' and 'pen pen pen' calls, there is an increasing frequency of 'welcome' and 'hello'.

With development and prosperity, the level of english is also improving. One man asked me the usual 'where are you go'?, to which I replied 'addis ababa'. He responded with 'addis ababa? I appreciate that!'.

The big event for the day was going through the Blue Nile Gorge. The stretch leading up to the gorge is lovely rolling hills. The descents are a bit sketchy, with the tarmac having buckled to the point that riding is a two handed affair.

As for the gorge, it's 1400ish metres of vertical over 20kms from top to bottom. And then back up again. Think of crossing the Grand Canyon. The coolest part was that there was a view of the gorge during the entire journey down and then back up again. One of the most memorable climbs that I've ever done!


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