Sunday, February 20, 2011

TdA Stage 29. Body Talk.

90km. Medical Camp to Ridge Camp.

Camp is along the ridge of the gorge today. The view from my tent is the sort that you'd expect to find on a postcard. We ventured into town for an afternoon meal, though people are increasingly reluctant to stray fromthe food that is available at camp. Yes, the camp food is excellent and, somehow, James the cook pulls off a refreshing variety of meals despite having very limited resources. But it's not the quality or variety that guide us, it's that we've established a level of trust in camp food and a certain skepticism toward 'outside food'. Once you've been sick in Ethiopia, you don't mess around anymore.

In a town that seemed to be little more that some people selling crosses and various other useless nick-knacks, we stumbled upon the Etiho-Germany Restaurant and Hotel. Even if we were not so sure about the local food, we all agreed that we could trust the germans to clean and cook things properly.

Back at camp, the vibe among the riders is returning to the pre-Ethiopia level. People are talking more. Smiling more. Though there are still a few who are suffering, many(like me) have recovered from being ill and are taking every healthy day as a celebration. There is a certain twinkle in the eye that conveys 'hallelujah, I'm not sick!'. The conversation has even shifted from diarrhea and vomiting to more traditional cyclist topics like saddle sores and blood flow to the genitals.


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