Monday, May 2, 2011

TdA Stage 85. Expressing Values.

153km. Gas Station Camp to Konkiep Lapa.

We had heard good things about the Namibian dirt roads; smooth and regularly graded. Almost better than pavement, some said.

This year has been special though. The heavy rains over the past few months have caused significant damage and the scheduled grading has not occurred. Up until today, conditions have been pretty decent, all things considered.

Today brought us sections of corrugation and loose sand and gravel. It was a slow go, but it is days like this that help one appreciate the others.

Bastiaan lost his EFI today, choosing to deviate 96km from our route in order to make a personal visit to someone who had helped him when he was here several years ago. I know that EFI was important to him, so his decision to give it up to make this happen demonstrates just what a meaningful visit it was for him. This trip is such a beautiful way to get to know people because of situations like this; there are so many opportunities for them to express their values.


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