Thursday, April 28, 2011

TdA Stage 82. Beautiful Namibia!

124km. Game Reserve to Solitaire.
A heavy rain passed through last night, which replenished the many water bars that have developed on this road during this unusually rainy autumn in Namibia. Some were fun and easy to splash through, others had surprise deep spots or impossibly squishy mud to humble those of us who attempted to blindly ride through them all.
On the second half of the ride, we had a rather steep descent into a valley. Totally unspoiled beauty. Every mile further we ride into this country it becomes more lovely.
We escaped rain during the ride, but there are storm clouds brewing in several directions around our campsite. For the past couple of hours we have watched a clear sky grow gigantic mushroom clouds. I think that we are in for a light show!
I'm definitely coming back to Namibia.


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