Sunday, May 1, 2011

TdA Stage 84. Savouring the Last Weeks.

139km. Sesrium to Gas Station Camp.
Dirt roads and stunning scenery all day.
I took my time with the gravel and corrugated dirt, focusing instead on my surroundings. The industry around here seems to be entirely game farms, which makes for nearly unspoiled landscapes (but for low-profile fences) and opportunities to spot wildlife.
Mathias rode with me for the second half of the day, marking just the second time that we've ridden together on this long trip. It is hard to believe that we are past 15 weeks on the road and I am still just starting to spend time with some people. The more that I get to know everyone, the more that I want to spend time with them. I really want to savour this last 10 days, or maybe find a way to keep this adventure going.


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