Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TdA Stage 48. Time for a Break!

118km. Tanzanian border to Arusha.
Highlight of the day: passing two giraffes! They seemed totally chilled out as they watched us come by on our bicycles.
Lowlight of the day: waking up sick. Again.
When you are sick, it always feels like it is going to last forever. And when you wake morning after morning (after morning) feeling like shit, it becomes harder to convince yourself that things are going to get better.
I usually consider a bit of exercise to be therapeutic. But I guess there are limits. The 335km I rode in the last three days is probably not helping me to get better. Fortunately, I have three full days off the bike here in Arusha. I had fantasized about getting out to the Serengeti during this break. Instead, I will focus on getting some rest and on building up to more complex foods than gummy colas.


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