Wednesday, March 9, 2011

TdA Stage 43. Timing is Everything.

158km. Bush Camp to Isiolo.

'They' say that timing is everything. I don't know who *they* are, but I think that today is a good example that they are on to something.

Young-Adam and I set off early, as usual, to enjoy the crisp morning air and savour the African experience. It was like a safari by bicycle. Seven giraffes crossing the road. An ostrich. A few impala. Some dik diks. All before lunch!

Meanwhile, a handful of others from our group set off later and had a markedly different African experience. Armed bandits and a half hour long hold up. Fortunately, there were no serious physical injuries, though I'm sure it will be some time before they are all entirely comfortable taking a 'break' at the side of the road.

There was also the lone female rider who had a rock thrown at her with an impact strong enough to bust a rib and draw blood. Fortunately, the second item thrown, a spear, did not make contact. This one is a particular shame as this really sweet girl has already been very sick with three or four different things in the last few weeks, suffered some nasty road rash, and had a disturbing reaction to a mystery insect bite. This was her first day back in the saddle in a long time; and, I suppose, the last for at least a while.

The road south of Isiolo is supposed to be 'much safer'. I don't know exactly what that means or on what scale these things are measured; but I know that opportunistic crime can happen anywhere. Many of us were just lucky today to avoid that danger. I hope that we can all be lucky with our timing for the remainder of the trip.


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