Sunday, March 13, 2011

TdA Rest Day 12. Nairobi.

We may eat more than any group that I can think of, but one thing that we haven't had our fill of is good meat. It's just not easy to get here. At least not in the quantities that we crave.

With a big city, came a big solution. Carnivore! Nairobi's all-you-can-meat restaurant. It's the first time that I've eaten nine different animals in one sitting (Ox, Cow, Lamb, Camel, Pig, Chicken, Turkey, Ostrich, Crocodile).

I went to bed last night with a fever and sore throat. I was hoping that it was just a meat fever, but I was not so lucky. Waking up early this morning in order to complete the ride that Carrie and I had planned to do yesterday was painful, but worth it.

We spent most of the morning riding through the city with two local racers. It was a chance to see Nairobi in a different light. Not the most restful rest day, especially with the flu and after a rough two week stretch. I think that it was the meat that got me through.

55km. Nairobi suburb to Nairobi camp.


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