Tuesday, March 8, 2011

TdA Stage 42. This is Africa.

115km. Marsabit to Bush Camp.

100% offroad. Corrugated sand, gravel and dirt.

I still cannot believe that this is part of a national highway system and the primary transport route between two capital cities. But it is more than the condition of the road that makes this stretch unbelievable.

There is wildlife. Spotting an elephant on a bicycle ride is something that you don't get to do on many roads (except, perhaps, in India).

There is culture. We were riding past people in full on tribal wear, with elaborate bead neck pieces and leg bands of the sort that I thought only existed in museums.

There is danger. Kids with bush weapons; spears and something that looks like a catapult. One wound up to fling something at the guy riding in front of me, but then paused when he saw an easier target; me.

This is adventure. This is Africa. It was like being in an Indiana Jones movie. That went on for five hours. A lot of tired faces at camp. It has been a long week; even with the rest day. My hands, wrists and forearms continue to be terrorized by what I have put them through. I can barely open a water bottle. If I had to change a flat, it might be a serious problem. Thankfully, we will be back on pavement tomorrow.


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You should know that your reading your blog with a Nyman soundtrack works really well. (As I'm doing today) You can keep that in mind when they turn the whole thing into an action-packed audio-book.

March 14, 2011 at 10:37:00 AM MDT  

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