Thursday, March 10, 2011

TdA Stage 44. Moving in the Right Direction.

71km. Isiolo to Nyanuki.
Super fun ride today, starting with a long but moderate climb that took us around Mount Kenya, and ending with a long and fast descent into Nyanuki.
The roads and scenery and weather were stunning. At some moments it felt as though we were riding I Europe; even the peak of Mount Kenya resembled the Dolomites. From time to time, there were reminders that we are in Africa, like shops covered in corrugated tin, painted with names like 'Gender Equity Pub' and 'Highway View Restaurant'.
The campsites seem to be getting increasingly developed, with showers and toilets becoming a regular deal. This time, we are camping in the yard of a hotel that has an operational pool; the first one that we have had so far!
It is nice to slowly recapture these luxuries as the trip progresses. I think that it would be difficult to do this ride in reverse.


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