Thursday, March 3, 2011

TdA Stage 38. Next, Please.

83km. Well Camp to Moyale.

Another individual time trial, save a 3km rotation with young-adam as he blew past me. The stage took us to the end of Ethiopia and in to Kenya. Egypt and Sudan went by so fast and it felt strange to leave them so quickly. Ethiopia, on the other hand, has given us our fill. The stomach bugs, the aggressive children, the injera, the endless hills. After three weeks here, we are all ready to move on to the next challenge. Kenya.

Walking into Kenyan immigration, it was clear that we had entered a new world. Despite the fact that the road immediately changes to dirt when you cross the border, you get the feeling that this country has its shit together. At least on a relative basis. A process that took five hours on the way in to Ethiopia (despite already having a visa) took just five minutes entering Kenya. Having said that, I do find it odd to enter a country that will only accept US dollars (rather than its own currency) to pay for an entry visa.

We had plenty of time to explore the Kenyan border town of Moyale. Since that took only five minutes, we had several hours to hang out in the prison canteen for a few beers. Not exactly good rehydration and recovery activity, but a great way to introduce ourselves to Kenya.


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