Monday, January 31, 2011

TdA Stage 13. Sand Everywhere.

143km. Dead Camel Camp to Desert Camp.

Roads, geography and general conditions are still conducive to group riding, so I've been lucky enough to continue working on my group riding skills and socializing as we pass the miles through the desert.

Traffic is beginning to get heavier. There are a few cars, but most of the traffic is big coach buses that appear to be relatively new. It is so strange to be in a place that is so undeveloped and yet has this new pavement and new buses.

We saw the men racers come and go within our short lunch. It is funny watching their games. One will quietly sneak off while the others are peeing or eating. The group that I ride with is much more cooperative. No wasting time waiting for people, but no sneaking, either.

The wind picked up in the afternoon, which meant a nice tail wind coming in to camp. Jorg and I hit 59km/hr on our final sprint. The wind also meant setting the tent up in a mini sand storm. Everything that I own is covered in dust and sand (thank god my chamois are in a zip lock bag). I tried passing the time until dinner by taking a nap in the shade and protection underneath a parked truck, but it was futile. I have sand in my ears, through my hair, in my nose and an exhaust stain on the back of my shirt. When I ate dinner, I could feel the grit of the sand grains in my teeth.

Now that it is dark, the wind has subsided. It is warm enough that I'm still wearing shorts. I think that I might even sleep with no fly on tomorrow! The stars are amazing at desert camp. I can't wait to fall asleep staring at them.


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