Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TdA Stage 9 - Borders

150km. Wadi Halfa to Desert Camp

Dude, I'm in Sudan!

Most people probably don't think of Sudan as a destination for early season riding. But they should. Smooth pavement. Low traffic (makes the Dempster Highway look busy). Sure, it's a little dry and looks a bit like mars, but that just adds to the out-of-this-world feeling that you get when your tires roll effortlessly over mile-after-mile of perfect highway.

I've crossed a few borders in my time, and I've always thought it was funny how there was nothing physically to distinguish one side from another; just currency and rules. But it is different here. Crossing from Egypt to Sudan, the landscape is different. The houses are different. The roads and traffic are different. The people look different. I can't tell if I am satisfied or depressed by this.

I decided early that I would make it an 'easy' day and not chase the peloton. Good thing, too, as there was a two man break away and the peloton was making chase. We still made good time, but I didn't pummel my legs. I want to work on getting stronger without needlessly exposing myself to injury or illness.

Our camp today is close to the Nile and a bunch of us went for a swim to clean up and cool off in the afternoon heat. There are a few locals milling about. Quite friendly. Sudan is really nice so far.


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