Friday, January 21, 2011

TdA Rest Day 1 - The Journey and the Destination Rest Day. Luxor.

People laughed at first when they asked me what I planned to do on my rest day and I answered 'buy a case of beer and hire a driver to take me around to see the sights'. But, I managed to convince 10 other people to join me, so I at least I'm not the only crazy one.

We walked down the street until we found someone who could take us across the river and to the Valley of the Kings. And then we remembered that we still needed to get some beer. Though beer is readily available at tourist spots, the muslim leanings of the locals make it slightly harder to find elsewhere. Our 'guide' picked up our beer from a local shop, which was a building that looked abandoned. The driver kept our minibus moving while the guy knocked on a plywood window. We eventually turned around and picked him up about a block from where we had dropped him. And he had a big bag of beer cans at about a third of the price that we normally paid.

The Valley of the Kings itself was impressive, though I will have little to remember it by as, once again, cameras were prohibited. To be honest, though, the adventure of procuring transportation, scouting out 'underground beer' and bumming around town was really the highlight of the day. The sights were just an excuse to get out and have these other experiences.


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