Saturday, January 22, 2011

TdA Day 7. Hello. Sex?

116km. Luxor to Idfu.
Started again with a friendly pace and group. Carrie, Peter-the-Plumber, Mike-with-three-bikes. That lasted till lunch and then the men's peloton showed up. Again, I hopped on and managed to cling to it until the final sprint. I was so excited that I felt high all afternoon.

We walked around Idfu and, somehow, amid the run down shops, we found a back alley oasis with the most delicious fresh falafels in a little alleyway. I'm pretty sure this is the sort of thing that my travel doctor told me not to do, but this is what makes travel so satisfying. Mmmmm. Local food. And an endless appetite!

The popular greeting here for western women seems to be 'Hello. Sex?'. Carrie and I passed a burqa shop and decided to make an investment in one (each). Between here and Sudan, I'm sure we will find opportunities to use it. And it doubles as a curtain for post ride clothing changes, since there seem to be few bushes/hills/structures in the desert to give a girl some privacy.

Many people seem to be suffering from saddle sores. This is another topic that normally wouldn't make it into dinner conversation, but is now a regular topic for discussion. I'm just thankful that I'm not one of the medical staff. As I was walking by the med tent this afternoon, I overheard someone say 'do you want me on all fours?'.


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