Sunday, January 30, 2011

TdA Day 12. Time and Punishment.

141km. Dongola to Dead Camel Camp.

Why aren't there more (any?) songs about breakfast food? Nothing brings in the dawn like a good song and a good breakfast. Yet, all of the good songs are about love and broken hearts.

We rode strong but fun for most of the day. Big group for the first half, and about seven of us (carrie, peter-the-plumber, luke, martin, henry, mike-with-three-bikes) for the second half. The group shrunk on account of 'tori's quick lunches'. I consider myself pretty easy-going, but that's not how everyone else interprets it. When we stop for a sandwich, I call a time and count down until we leave. No time for f'ing around. Muscles get cold! Like the Ger once told me - just keep moving. Anyhow, I guess some people are the same way. And...others are not. At least I don't have double standards. I left in such a hurry that I forgot to take my jacket off. Rode the last 70km in blazing heat with my jacket on. Martin spilled the tomatoes from his pita onto his brakes. It was a quickie.

I broke away when the fast guys came by with about 15km to go. I couldn't catch them, so I rode it alone and totally punished myself. On the one hand, it was a great chance for me to see how much farther I could push myself (not much, apparently). On the other hand, I totally destroyed myself and had to spend most of the afternoon rehydrating and laying in the shade. And in the end, I think the solo effort to the campsite only bought me a few minutes over Carrie and a few minutes out of the scorching sun. Very inefficient effort/time ratio. Oh, time, you've got me again!

I managed a short excursion down to the Nile to wash up. 30 minute walk each way in the blazing heat. I think I'm going to have to get a test for that liver parasite when I get back but, oh man, that water felt good!

I was on dish duty with mike-with-three-bikes and funny-matthew-from-edmonton. I'm fairly certain that three people never had so much fun doing chores. Unfortunately, we are going to be smelling a lot like currie for a while.

I haven't figured out why they call this dead camel camp yet. Then again, I haven't exactly been searching around for carcasses.
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