Sunday, June 10, 2012

Coming out of Hibernation

For six years I kept this blog up to date....and then...who knows. I could blame it on city in which the pressure is so high that "pre-kindergarten" exists. Who has time for reflection in the city that never sleeps?
NYC life was certainly a factor. But, more than that, I struggled with my motivation to share. Do I really need to share my life with everyone? How narcissistic am I? Why don't I spend a little less time talking about myself and a little more time doing things!

Whatever the reason, I realize that I've paid a price for my lack of discipline. Without this public forum, I lack the discipline to reflect and record my experiences. So much has happened over the past eight months and I worry that these experience will become faded memories.

Broadway, the ballet, avante guarde interactive theatre and experimental japanese erotic theater in New York. Catholic wedding in Santiago de Campostella. Street fireworks and electronic beats in Berlin. Sunshine and family time in Hawaii. Reunions in Singapore and London. Busting to move to MC Hammer in Havana. Gypsy cabs, communal showers, plywood beds and horse meat in Kazakhstan. Canals of orange mayhem in Amsterdam. Skiing in Vermont. Winding down in Long Island...and all of the tiny moments with people that made each of these experiences magic.

I've kept random notes that I may assemble and backfill. But I'm not going to let that hold me up any longer. I'm back. Everyone is probably gone now. But that's ok, I'm doing this for the memories.


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