Saturday, May 28, 2011

TdA Hangover - Stage 3

I'm now in London for a week before I finally return to Canada. My adjustment to city life continues to bring me challenges. The other day, I went for a run around the perimeter of Hyde Park. And I got lost. In a rectangle.

Navigating rectangles isn't my only problem. Doors, too, seem to be causing me problems. I push when I should pull and pull when I should push. It's not that I haven't used a door in five months, it's just that there was a hell of a lot fewer of them in Africa. And the ones that existed were (for the most part) propped open all of the time. I feel that there's a metaphor there somewhere.

Then there is the whole matter of fashion. Young girls in magazines and on television telling me what it is to be beautiful. People on the underground dressed in outfits that hardly seem practical for protection from the elements or for use in day-to-day activities like walking. Or sitting.

Entertainment is also giving my head a spin. I went to the V&A museum to check out the latest exhibits. Both exhibits embodied the philosophy that artists make a living making things that you don't need. After spending four months stripping my life of such things (my bicycle barbie excepted), I have somehow lost my appreciation for the frivolity of art.

Wow, and television and advertisements. The Wii is being marketed as a tool for quality time with the family? Really? What happened to playing in the park and reading bedtime stories? And who came up with this show Made in Chelsea (wtf?!)? I haven't read a single piece of literature or news for almost five months, so I'm hardly on any kind of intellectual high ground...but this stuff is like kryptonite for the brain.
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