Sunday, May 15, 2011

TdA Hangover - Stage 1

Waking up after Tour D'Afrique is like waking up in another body. So many times along the way I thought 'WOW, this is my life!'. And, now, those memories feel as though they belong to someone else. The enormity of what just happened to me is overwhelming. It is not just the achievement of riding that far or the satisfaction of seeing so many places, the impact that the relationships that I formed had on me was enormous. Not to forget the fact that I had thought about this trip for so many years and it was never a reality and then suddenly it was happening and then now it is over. Already. Put this all together and it really does crazy things to your head!
And so this morning I'm watching a kid play tetris at breakfast and I'm thinking about how tetris is a metaphor for life and how you have these opportunities that just keep coming at you. And they come faster. And faster. And faster. And it is hard to know what to do. And you have these constraints, but the pieces keep coming. And you have to make certain decisions when you don't know what the next pieces are going to be or what the future holds. But you still have to make these certain decisions if you want to accommodate the next pieces and opportunities and make it all fit together.

I just achieved the equivalent of clearing four rows on my tetris game and have advanced to the next round. It's a clean slate. The pieces are going to keep coming at me faster now and I will have to stay on my toes. I need to make sure this next round is as good as the last!

Oh, and I walked into a cafe at lunch today and the owner recognized me from the paper and he took a picture of me and put it on his celebrity wall. Cool.


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