Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TdA Stage 90. Titbits and Shooters.

117km. Springbok to Garies.

I rode 'sweep' this morning with Mathias. Sweep means riding being the last rider en route to ensure that everyone is accounted for. We had to give some of the late starters a head start, so we stopped for coffee in town at a place called Titbits. It is not a nudie bar as the name might suggest, rather it is a nice little restaurant with a small terrace that is perfect for morning coffee. Scott, Luke and Paul had the same idea and rolled up to join us.

Springbok is the sort of small town that is still breaking out of anonimity and toward fame. Like all good roads to fame, this one is paved with liquor. What is Springbok (almost) famous for? The Springbokie; a delicious mint flavoured shooter.

Mint? Hey, that's practically like brushing our teeth.

So, at 930 in the morning we enjoyed a round of shooters before setting out on the road. It was a nice way to take the edge off of this rather chilly and foggy morning. Truth be told, another round would have been nice (I'm beginning to understand why old people drink alcohol in the morning).
Mathias and I took our time to lunch, making sure to stay behind everyone. He taught me how to use the slingshot that Carrie bought for me yesterday. I had a good hard hammer ride in the afternoon to avoid losing too much time. This is the last section of the race and I want to win it. I'm just trying to find the balance between my desire to take them all and these opportunities to savour these last rides.


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