Thursday, May 12, 2011

TdA Stage 92. Mug and Tug.

74km. Strandfontein to Elands Bay.

I rode sweep with Mathias again. ChrisP joined as well. It was a chilled out off road ride along the stunning coastline. This time, we took coffee in a fishing shop in a small fishing town. No morning shooters today.

Mathias got called away from the ride on an emergency; one of our support trucks was in a bad accident up ahead and his medical support was required. So, I carried with ChrisP to lunch, where Carrie, Kim and Bastiaan were hanging out already with out bike mechanic, Gabe. Gabe had duct taped some coins to the train track that ran alongside the road. We waited and waited and then cheered when a train finally came by. It was a super long one; nine locomotives!

After the train had passed, we all hustled down to the tracks to search for the flattened treasures. But there was nothing. Perhaps there are some coins stuck to the train somewhere south of us now.

Taking our time in the afternoon, we stopped again for more food. This time, waffles and ice cream and coffee with brandy. There was a massage therapist at the cafe (do they call that a mug and tug?). Unable to resist the temptation, Bastiaan got a massage before getting back on the bike and finishing the ride. Awesome.

When we got to camp, we learned that the support truck was totaled in the accident.
There were only two people on board and, thankfully, both managed to escape with relatively minor injuries. Very lucky. Here we all are thinking that we are on the home stretch and that we are out of the tough stuff. It is not over yet. Anything can happen.


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