Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So Long Lonty

Admittedly, I spent most of my week in the UK sitting on a couch and catching up on email from the past five months. But, I did get up to a few things:

An INSEAD birthday dinner in London. YY's 30th.
My first TdA reunion. I made the journey to Hayfield to visit Alice at her home. She took me for a bike ride around the area.
Adult games in Bristol with Emma and Charlie. Not the kind of adult games that might first come to mind. I'm talking about Circle Rules Football, Robot Wars and Spy Games! Seriously, I think that I could be seven years old forever.
Bowling with Liz and Christian. The muscles in my forearms have atrophied to the extent that even the wimpy light balls were too much for me to handle. Humbling!


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